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  1. Apologies for the thread necro, this is the first result for "alfred command space hot key". I had Alfred 2 running quite happily with Command+Space as the hotkey. Then I upgraded to Alfred 3 and could no longer use the Command+Space hot key. I launched Alfred 2, set Alfred 2's hot key to Ctrl+`, but still no luck with Alfred 3. Turns out that Command+Space was being used by OS X for "switch input source" (even though I only have one defined). I un-checked the boxes for "next input source" and "previous input source" and now Alfred 3 can use Command+Space. In addition, the options
  2. Is there a way to tie my shell/python/whatever script in with Alfred's "Lock" action? In the immediate instance, I'd like to clear all SSH keys and revoke sudo access when I lock the console. The shell commands to achieve this would be "ssh-add -Dx ; sudo -nK". For my purposes it wouldn't matter whether the script gets run before or after the console is actually locked.
  3. Sometimes I want custom SSH terminals. For example if I need to access a production web server for some reason, I'd like to have a terminal set up with a (dark) red background and a different font to normal which should remind me that I'm on a production server, so I should be careful. Set up the appropriate configuration in ~/.ssh/config (for this example, 'Host manicdee-production-web') Set up a custom terminal setting, and give it a meaningful name (for this example manic@production-web) In the terminal settings, under "Shell" type "ssh manic@production-web" into the "Run command" box Now
  4. I'm a different Alex, but just letting you know this workflow is pretty darned neat Working exactly as advertised on OS X 10.9.5. Once I got home, Alfred had Terminal Control Workflow installed due to Dropbox syncing. There was no request to allow Alfred to control my computer for me (update: probably because the script was crashing, see below). The "term" keyword wasn't working: I was expecting that typing "term " would result in Alfred displaying a list of terminal settings to choose from (i.e.: Solarized Dark, Solarized Light, etc) but nothing was there. I turned on debugging i
  5. To allow Unicode characters: set the clipboard to "{query}" as text tell application "Calendar" to activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "n" using {command down} keystroke "v" using {command down} keystroke return end tell Note that we're side-stepping the text entry by simply pasting the Unicode string into the field that is already selected.
  6. As a Quicksilver user, I have a number of bookmarks such as "dotlan" -> "http://evemaps.dotlan.com/search?q=***" The Quicksilver Web Search plugin will take my query terms, do the necessary URL escaping (including encoding spaces as "+"), put my query where the *** is, then open a Safari window with the search URL. Would it be possible for Alfred to either use these bookmarks in-situ, or import them as custom searches? Of course if it this facility is already available (i.e.: there's a script out there that already converts Quicksilver search bookmarks to Alfred custom searches)
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