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  1. I don't mind that as an answer at all. I saw it was available and was wondering! Appreciated
  2. Hi, is there a workflow that can transform uppercase text to lower case text? Thanks.
  3. Doh! Ha ha, sorry, mind is half on something else! I made the assumption and didn't even check Ah, useful to know Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi deanishe, really appreciate the reply! Great explanation. Just have a few related questions if that's okay? 1. Above, Katie said she was able to create .doc and .docx files - from what you've said I'm guessing she was mistaken & probably, like me, she had created something that wasn't really a valid file? 2. So the options for your Workflow are .txt or .csv (anything else?) 3. There was the other extension you linked to a while ago - it claimed to allowed the creation of .rtf files in the same way as you allow creation of .txt files - and I'm wondering if it's been removed because it didn't work, or whether the creator was using a workaround of sorts? If it's the latter, any plans to add it in? Creating .rtf on the fly is actually all I was looking for - but at least now, thanks to your explanation I understand why it hasn't been easy to find such a workflow
  5. Hi. Thanks for the workflow. Sounds like this workflow now supports more than just .txt - I wondered what they were? (the link you gave above, to the other Workflow that supported .rtf is now dead so hoping it should support that) I'm on a Mac - High Sierra & it seems I can only create .txt files. Each file appears to be created but I get an error when trying to open them (below are a list of those errors). I wasn't really expecting .pages files to be included, but I pages usually has no problem opening up .doc files. RTF - The document “ddd.rtf” could not be opened. DOC - “bbb.doc” can’t be opened right now. (Pages couldn't read the file) PAGES - “ccc.pages” is damaged and can’t be opened. Hope this is helpful.
  6. Tyler, thanks so much, works for me too. I'd stopped using this workflow because I had a bunch of non-existent folders coming up after a reorganisation . The addition of the dedicated "Remove From Favourites" option is also welcomed! The 'faves' keyword is less likely to bring up a bunch of other app folders than 'favorites' (i.e. Adobe core folders etc) but of course that's easy enough to change ourselves
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