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  1. Connecting a File Filter to a Hotkey Trigger of your choice should do the trick.
  2. Smart! I have some notes I keep in Shortcuts on the EN sidebar for the same reason, but your idea is super low overhead. Thanks!
  3. Have you looked at the help? Take a look at just the first couple pages and I think you'll be on your way, including how to search for and open a file: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/ https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/first-5-minutes/
  4. Can't you do this in the newer version by adding a Hotkey with argument "Selection in macOS" and setting the Copy to Clipboard output to "Automatically paste to front most app"?
  5. This workflow might interest you: You can Quick Look clipboard images with SHIFT, then Open with Preview. RETURN will save the image AND delete it from Alfred's clipboard history, but the Quick Look is non-destructive.
  6. Set up a single Keyword input (with argument required) that connects to multiple Open URL objects. Set the URL of each object to the search query used by the site you want to open, using "{query}" in place of the search term. For example, this will open a new tab and perform a Google Image search https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&as_q={query} . Then choose Firefox from the Browser dropdown box in each object.
  7. If the input is always in that format, one way to do it that might also give you some ideas for general use would be the Argument and Variables Utility + Replace Utility The input is keyword with No Argument. The Argument and Variables Utility with {clipboard} as the argument passes the text string from the clipboard to the Replace Utility Replace Utility is set to regex, with an expression that groups the text string received from the previous object into three groups: Group 1) "https://drive.google.com/uc?id=" Group 2) whatever is in be
  8. It would be handy to be able to get a larger view of images in the Clipboard Viewer, like you can in the main Alfred window by pressing Shift. The default image preview size is based on Alfred’s window size as set in Theme preferences. This feature would allow the user to “zoom” Clipboard History images as needed. Additional actions like Add to Buffer, Show Action Panel, and Save As (as in this workflow) would be even better
  9. Maybe I asked the question wrong, but I am looking for assistance specifically in repositioning Alfred's window without having to drag it. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. Does anyone know if it's possible to change position Alfred's window position programmatically?
  11. I like for Alfred to remember its dragged position, but I'd like to re-center the window without having to drag it with the mouse. Is it possible to manipulate Alfred's window position by keyboard, a workflow, script, etc? My goal would be to trigger Alfred, then if the window is off in a corner, hit a hotkey/keyword/shortcut to center the window and ideally leave it open for next command. Thanks
  12. I would like to search for folders by their exact name, and exclude other folders starting with or otherwise containing the search phrase. Say I have folders: Object Object 1 Object 12 And I have files: Object Object 1 Object 12 I want to search for "Object" and return all folder(s) with the exact name "Object", regardless of their paths/parent folders. I don't want any files returned and I don't want folders "Object 1" "Object 12". I can currently get all folders containing "Object" using a File Filter limited to Fi
  13. Same for me. Changing reset_mins value doesn't seem to matter.
  14. Is anyone able to set custom categories with Alfred 4? "recpref" brings up the two custom categories, but nothing happens when I press return to set them. I see the scripts have reference to com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3, but the notes say not to edit the scripts because they have to be recompiled.
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