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  1. evanfuchs

    Searching for phrases in files

    This is an oldie, but I dug it up on search. When I set up a file filter this way it does not find the matching phrase. And if I check "split", I get extraneous results matching each word of the phrase (as I believe is expected, just as I do using the built-in "in" command). Is this still the preferred way to find exact phrases in file content? Help? Edit: I should add that spotlight appears to match only the exact phrase, so I'm guessing that means indexing is good if that helps.
  2. evanfuchs

    Funnel (a variant of the Pipe workflow)

    Hey, thanks @GuiB for taking the time. I had looked at the filters.json and bulletlist.pl, but it was beyond me. Your revisions work great. FYI, the case modifications do strip existing line breaks as well, but I think the original workflow did that, too. Thank you!
  3. evanfuchs

    Funnel (a variant of the Pipe workflow)

    Is there a way to eliminate the extra single line break when converting to lowercase, uppercase, and title case (doesn't happen with capitalize) and the extra two line breaks per bullet when using "clear bullets"?
  4. Thank you. Both options worked I renamed the directory from 2.0.0 to 2.3.0 as @deanishe mentioned. Also experimenting with the two workflow @nikivi suggested.
  5. Any way to get this workflow working again on High Sierra? I read elsewhere it's an issue with Ruby bundles 1.8/2.0 in the workflow and High Sierra running v 2.3, but these words mean little to me.
  6. Same. My results are not filtered by the tag specified. I tried manually adding a static tag in the file filter (kMDItemUserTags) and it also did not work. I suspect it has something to do with "and/or", but it's over my head.
  7. evanfuchs

    Show "Tags" results in a folder

    I'm looking to do just this exactly and came across this thread, but the link is dead. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks
  8. evanfuchs

    iCloud subfolders

    Thank you. For anyone else who stumbles upon this thread, given the limitation of iCloud's funky naming convention, I think using the file extension is the way to go since *most* iCloud subfolders are exclusive to a single file type.
  9. evanfuchs

    iCloud subfolders

    Ok after looking at this crazy path I can see it's complicated: /Users/xxxxx/Library/Mobile Documents/W6L39UYL6Z~com~mindnode~MindNode/Documents/ (the folder name displayed in Finder under the iCloud folder is simply: Mindnode) All of the iCloud subfolders have similarly convoluted names, and they do not appear in spotlight results
  10. evanfuchs

    iCloud subfolders

    On Sierra with Alfred 3.2.1, is it possible to include iCloud subfolders in search results? Files within the iCloud folder do show up, but the subfolders within iCloud folder do not. "~Library/Mobile Documents/" is included in Search Scope. For example, if I search for example.pages Alfred finds it in iCloud/ExampleFolder/example.pages, but if I search for Example Folder I get nothing. Thanks
  11. I apologize. I was working on giving you more details and noticed something else funky with Alfred (selecting a folder in the Alfred window wouldn't open it - nothing happened) so I restarted my machine and now both issues are resolved. The workflow is working great! Thanks.
  12. Hi, I installed the 4.0 beta 1 for Alfred 3 and when I invoke both by keyword and file action, I get "Processing…Please Wait" for a few seconds and then reverts to default search options.
  13. evanfuchs

    Search Calendar Events

    Thanks, Vero! I love how responsive you are with support questions That works great, and yes, it doesn't matter about BusyCal vs. Calendar.app. Is there any way to pull the date/time info or limit the scope to future events? It doesn't look like there is metadata for either of those.
  14. evanfuchs

    Search Calendar Events

    Oh, sorry if that example was unclear. I'm not looking for natural language, just based on title (e.g. "Dentist Appointment") A search for that phrase would list all events with matching titles and their date. I use BusyCal, but it's using the same iCloud calendars as the Calendar.app. thanks for the help!
  15. I would like to query calendar events by name and get resulting matches with date listed in the Alfred window. Actions would be great ,but mainly I just want to be able to quickly check the date for an existing event: "What day is my dentist appointment again?"