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  1. Hi, vitor. Would it be difficult to sort the results by modified date? Also, would it be possible to produce the same results with a Keyword with space (without the return key) instead of hotkey?
  2. Thanks, Vero. I had already run the troubleshooter by dragging some files, and it reported all was well. I found this issue with File Filters. When you drag a Numbers file into the File Type, it detects the UTI as com.apple.iwork.numbers.sffnumbers, but there is another UTI, com.apple.iwork.numbers.numbers, which isn't detected. When I added that one in manually, it worked fine. I may have been incorrect about the "in" command, which is hard to troubleshoot since it looks in all files and produces a lot results. Incidentally, I couldn't remember where to find the UTI tool you've provided in the past, and combing through the results in Terminal was a bit much. I found this workflow that was quite helpful in identifying the two UTI of Numbers files easily: Alfred Workflow - Read UTI data Thanks, again!
  3. Hi, This is specific to Numbers files, even those that show as downloaded from icloud in Finder. When I limit the scope of a File Filter to Numbers file type with all other defaults, I get no results. When I use "in" to search the contents of any file, I don't get any results from Numbers files. But if I search in Finder for Numbers documents containing my search term, I get results as expected. Then if I open a given Numbers file and close it, File Filters work as expected for those files I've opened only. I have recently rebuilt my spotlight index, but it's odd that Finder can find these files when Alfred does not. I also ran the troubleshooter and Alfred seems happy with the results. Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
  4. Updating in macOS Monterey was a little less straight forward than that for reasons that are beyond me, but I did get it updated after some googling and the workflow seems to be working. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks, @luckman212. This version does seem to display the images that were missing. For some new fun, I get the following error when I select (↩) an entry: "/Users/xxx/Dropbox/Screenshots/Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 12.51.42 PM.png", "subtitle": "from: File List"}, "cmd": {"arg": "/Users/xx [truncated] [08:08:10.137] ClipSaver[Script Filter] Processing complete [08:08:10.138] ClipSaver[Script Filter] Passing output '/Users/xxx/Dropbox/Screenshots/Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 7.37.41 AM.png' to Conditional [08:08:10.144] ClipSaver[Conditional] Processing complete [08:08:10.145] ClipSaver[Conditional] Passing output '/Users/xxx/Dropbox/Screenshots/Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 7.37.41 AM.png' to Run Script [08:08:10.283] ERROR: ClipSaver[Run Script] /Users/xxx/Dropbox/applications/Alfred-app/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.36F89F80-8C20-4470-B90D-8BF94E81E85B/save_single.sh: line 26: ${save_to_current,,}: bad substitution /Users/xxx/Dropbox/applications/Alfred-app/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.36F89F80-8C20-4470-B90D-8BF94E81E85B/save_single.sh: line 35: ${img_pathname,,}: bad substitution [08:08:10.284] ClipSaver[Run Script] Processing complete [08:08:10.284] ClipSaver[Run Script] Passing output '' to Conditional This is the only place "truncated" appeared on the output, so I didn't include the entire output here. This did not show up in the previous version output, so I am guessing that is what leads to the "bad substitution"? Let me know if you need anything further. Thanks again for your help!
  6. @luckman212 here you go: https://pastebin.com/ru5eAA12 https://pastebin.com/eeruT0Xc
  7. I am talking about images only. It seems some items in Alfred’s history are not stored directly in that location, but rather as references (plists) to images in another location. Alfred shows all the images (those actually in the folder and those referenced) but this workflow doesn’t seem to see the referenced images. I don’t know enough about Alfred works under the hood to explain further. Just an observation.
  8. @luckman212 Thanks for the reply. Yes, it does show results, but only partial results compared to Alfred's Clipboard History feature. No errors in the debug window, but I looked at the database folder as configured in the workflow, and I found a subfolder "clipboard.alfdb.data" with two types of files: tiff and plist, where each plist is a reference to a file in my screen shots folder. This workflow seems to be showing the tiffs, but not the items referenced in the plists. Alfred's Clipboard History shows both. I hope that explanation makes sense and is helpful!
  9. This must be something obvious, but why would every workflow say "No configuration for this Workflow." in the left pane of the Configure Workflow window? Example:
  10. Any idea why the list of images returned by this workflow would be different than Alfred's Clipboard History feature? When I take a screenshot to the clipboard, it appears in Alfred's results but not in this workflows results. Not sure what other info to provide to help me troubleshoot.
  11. Thanks, @vitor. This is perfect. I did some googling and modified to make the search case-insensitive by added a "c" after the "escaped" variable like so: readonly results="$(/usr/bin/mdfind -literal "kMDItemFSName == '${escaped}'c && kMDItemContentType == public.folder")" Works great!
  12. Would still like to search for folder by its exact name, and not get other files or folders with similar names or names containing (but not exactly matching) the search phrase. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?
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