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  1. No joy with the error console, and I use Karabiner Elements to map the Hyper Key to my caps lock, but even with that disabled it doesn't work.
  2. Hiya! I've developed an issue with searching for files. When I find a file I want in Alfred, and hit the corresponding key (option in my case) to show the 'Reveal in Finder' option, nothing happens when I hit the Return key. Before, it would open in the Finder. I can't work out what has changed... or if there's a flag I am missing. My Return key works fine otherwise in OSX, and I am using the latest version of Alfred. Any suggestions? :)
  3. Thanks! I've updated the workflow in GitHub to reflect these changes. Apologies for the delay.
  4. Hey, Got a similar question here - https://github.com/clickysteve/alfred-remote-workflows/issues/1 Hit Remote at the top of Alfred Click on the + icon in the bottom left Select Workflows Select VLC Remote Control Select VLC That will add in the Remote page for you to use in the iOS App.
  5. Flux Remote Control I've been watching lots of films and making use of the Alfred Remote features lately, and thought it would be handy to be able to control f.lux remotely as well. Github: https://github.com/clickysteve/alfred-remote-workflows/tree/master/Flux%20Control%20(plus%20remote) Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/flux-control-plus-remote Features: Trigger preferences Quit Flux Trigger Movie Mode Trigger Darkroom Mode Disable Flux for 1 hour Disable Flux till sunrise Disable Flux for current app Works with Flux 34.0 Includes a general workflow to control Flux as well, though I realised after searching Packal afterwards this has already been done - so the remote part will be of most use. Screenshot:
  6. You want to use 'key code' rather than keystroke for those sort of things. on alfred_script() tell application "System Events" key code 125 end tell end alfred_script The key code 125 is for the down arrow. You'll need to add in 'using {shift down}' or similar to add in that operator.
  7. Flickr Theatre Remote Control I use Flickr a lot, and often browse through hundreds of pictures at a time. I thought it would be cool to have a remote control, so I could stick it on the big screen, sit back, and flick through images. So here we are... Features: Browse left/right Zoom picture View picture in lightbox Favourite picture You obviously require a Flickr account logged in for this to work. Hopefully in future I can develop it a bit further, depending on how Alfred Remote moves. If we got a keyboard that would mean we could do all sorts of things like comment on pictures/add to albums etc. Watch this space... Download: Github URL: https://github.com/clickysteve/alfred-remote-workflows/tree/master/Flickr%20Theatre%20-%20Remote%20Control Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/flickr-theatre-remote-control Screenshot:
  8. Thanks! I'm a bit of a n00b, so exploring what can be done. This means I don't need to get off the couch when watching films
  9. Alfred VLC Remote Control Created a basic workflow to control VLC using Alfred Remote. On Packal here: http://www.packal.org/workflow/vlc-remote-control Features: * Activate VLC * Toggle fullscreen mode * Turn Volume Up/Down * Toggle subtitles * Increase/decrease audio delay for lip synching issues * Play/Pause -- A bit rough and ready, but looking to develop it further.
  10. Here's my Applescript for volume up: on alfred_script() do shell script "afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Pop.aiff" set vol to output volume of (get volume settings) if vol > 90 then # 100 max set volume output volume 100 else set volume output volume (vol + 10) end if end alfred_script and for volume down: on alfred_script() do shell script "afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Pop.aiff" set vol to output volume of (get volume settings) if vol < 10 then # 0 is min set volume output volume 0 else set volume output volume (vol - 10) end if end alfred_script Borrowed the clip sound from a thread somewhere on the web (that I can't find just now) to get some sort of feedback that things have happened.
  11. You should be able to do this by getting Remote to send the key combination using AppleScript. Something like: on alfred_script() tell application "VLC" activate tell application "System Events" to keystroke "f" using command down end tell end alfred_script Which tells the Mac to the Command + F combination to put a video into fullscreen.
  12. I've had similar thoughts, though I had the same thoughts about Alfred in general at first. I get the feeling that there's lots of powerful things that will come from Remote in future, and that it will take a while for them to come out - especially as features get refined/added. I need to spend some time really digging deep to see what I can use it for, but here's what I've been doing so far: * Locking my computer when I leave the keyboard to go to the bathroom/kitchen/whatever and forget to do so * iTunes control (as you mentioned) * Controlling VLC. This is awesome, as I use my laptop to plug in to a big screen to watch films on, and can't be bothered getting up to change the volume/full screen the app/turn subtitles on/off, or delay/speed up the audio to fix lip synching. I've created a workflow for this if other people are interested. One question this use brings up is using the remote on multiple computers (like my wife's). Could I activate the powerpack on two different laptops and connect the remote to them both? Or would I need to purchase two powerpacks? I'm sure the answer for this is pretty easy to find, but these are just the thoughts as they come to my head. * Spotify control. Writing an app to control Spotify as a jukebox like iTunes. * Photoshop control. I can never remember the shortcuts for stuff like Curves/Levels etc, so maybe having my phone as an extra input device with useful icons will help. Will see if it's actually useful or just a nice idea in time. Some sort of feedback loop in future versions would be great - with on screen displays for certain things. Looking forward to seeing what people do with it!
  13. Found an alternative way to get it working, so updated the original post to reflect that. Thanks for the help VĂ­tor! You can download it on GitHub here to test it out: https://github.com/clickysteve/Alfred-Workflows/tree/master/keybase.io%20alfred%20workflow
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