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  1. Do you mind posting your settings.plist file, or letting me know what's in the location string?
  2. I'm not sure what would be causing that. If you open up the workflow folder, what is in the units setting? It should be either 'us','si','uk', or 'default'. I thought I had accounted for errors but I might have missed something. That's Alfred re-ordering rows based on usage. I'm still pretty green to script filters and am not sure what the best way to override this would be. To each their own I guess. I wonder how much of that has to do with getting those comments before Alfred was opened up to non-mega supporters? Someone else made that comment and helped
  3. I've also updated the workflow to set units explicitly now. It defaults to location-based, but you can select the units you want by using 'w u' and selecting from the list.
  4. It's based on the country code of the location returned from the IP lookup. It would be possible to set a preference for it. In the mean time, you could edit line 45 of forecast.php to be $units = 'si'; and that should take care of it.
  5. There's another thread with a lot of work going on with the Dark Sky workflow.
  6. So I've been playing with this a lot today and decided to release it. @nickwynja, let me know if you're not okay with the info in the read-me. I feel I've sufficiently modified the workflow, but haven't used github and don't know how to make branches, etc. Regardless, here's my Forecast.io workflow to try out. To set it up, you'll need your own developer API. You can paste it right into the workflow by entering 'w k <api-string-here>'. For convenience, links to register or login to Forecast for Developers are included. The theme can be changed by entering 'w t' and selecting light or
  7. For anyone interested, I've modified the workflow quite a bit: Changes: Added weather icons (Climacons) Ability to set a dark or light theme ('w theme' command) Modified results to get a little more info in there Selecting any result will launch Forecast.io in the default browser Still have to do some testing to make sure the results work will in various times throughout the day.
  8. How difficult would it be to change the source of the weather to Dark Sky/Forecast.io? I'm looking over the API docs now and the results are less human readable than wunderground.
  9. It looks like you're missing a character in your feelslike string. Should be $weather->feelslike_f.
  10. For anyone curious, I changed line 169 in weather.php to give a little more information… Changed $w->result( 'weather', 'http://www.wunderground.com'.$location, $weather->display_location->full.": ".$weather->weather, $weather->temp_f.'°F ('.$weather->temp_c.'°C)' , $icon ); to $w->result( 'weather', 'http://www.wunderground.com'.$location, $weather->display_location->full.": ".$weather->weather, round($weather->temp_f).'°F | Feels Like '.$weather->feelslike_f.'°F | Wind '.lcfirst($weather->wind_string) , $icon ); So now it looks like:
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