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  1. Environment: Mac Mini: Yosemite OSx v10.10.5, Alfred 2 v2.8 app; Alfred Remote v1.1; iPhone 5S running iOS 8.3 SESSION: I have apps open on my Mac, e.g. iTunes, Notes, Chrome. I confirm that Alfred Remote is connected (e.g. I can open apps using the Remote App on my phone). Using the iPhone Alfred Remote App, I go to System Commands and press the "Quit All Apps" button. No apps are "quit" on the Mac (FAIL). EXPECTATION: When using the System Command "Quit All Apps", then all apps should be quit. It would be nice if even "some" apps were quit.
  2. I'm using my mac as a media center. I'm trying to integrate all the systems. I used to program Crestron ($$$), and would really love to set up Alfred Remote this way: Use Case: House Audio workflow press: Need: WAKE ON LAN (use Fing to do this now) Turn on Sound system (use Harmony App to turn on my amp and set the input. it would be nice to have alfred workflow open the Harmony app and command press the macro I've already built...we're getting meta here and Apple likely doesn't allow opening apps from different apps) Set Audio Output to [my pre-programmed selection] Launch app [JRIVER] I'd still go to my JRiver app to control my music, but you get the idea.
  3. I like the workflow, thanks for posting. It would be really nice to modify it to automatically select the input I care about, rather than being forced to select. For alfred remote users, this would be a great benefit (we're trying to do away with keyboards and mice). If I run the workflow from my remote, I'm trapped because I need to switch to a different app to make the selection. Regardless, it is much sexier to have it complete the task as desired. Obviously I would need to set the name of the audio output by modifying the workflow, but once I have set it and save as a new workflow I'm done. I would create as many modified workflows as output sources I care about, and now I just press a button on my remote to switch between them.
  4. +1. This is required. It defeats the purpose of the remote, especially for us who have a Mac as their media center.
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