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Guidance needed to create a searchable snippet DB

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Hello guys,


First don't get my title literally... I couldn't find any way to explain it in just a few words. Here is precisely what I want to achieve, hope that helps guiding me in the right direction :


- I keep forgetting "snippets" of code, mostly related to coding/VPS administration and such... e.g. I forget how to display the free space on my VPS, how to restart nginx, etc...
- So far I've created a couple snippets in Alfredapp but it's far from perfect...

Would it be possible to have something like that:

- I would first invoque a keyword, fox example "lx" for linux, and then type some stuff that would be analysed as a "fuzzy search". Typically it's a little bit like the way "filter" work but for my code snippets.

Any idea on how to implement this ? Do I really need to create 1 Alfred snippet and keyword for each snippet or is there a way to "consolidate" this ?


Thanks a lot guys,

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7 hours ago, vitor said:

Each snippet has a Name and a Keyword. Why not add your prefixes (lx) to its name? That way you can easily filter them like you want. Alfred already has two different methods to invoke snippet browsers (“Viewer Hotkey” and “Snippet Keyword”).


I think the main point here is the fuzzy search. I too miss that feature i must say. I often have snippets of which i know a word or phrases that they expand to

but not the Keyword nor the Name. Invoking the snipped search doesn't let me search for the snippet content.

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