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Please allow to retrieve user's query from a File Filter

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I had an issue with a workflow I made where I need to capture a query made to a file filter. That is I activate a file filter and type something and get some files as result : 




I wish I could save this 'alfred' word into clipboard so that I can then use it later. 


I have started a thread with this issue here (https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/10086-how-to-capture-query-made-in-a-file-filter/?do=findComment&comment=50828) but no one could give a solution to it so I assume the only choice is to make a file filter of my own but I doubt I can make it as fast as Alfred's.


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what are you trying to accomplish? The answer is right there in the other thread, pipe it to the clipboard.  Or just hit command-A command-C and copy it.  Or if you really don't want it on the clipboard, you can write it to a file.  But I'd recommend just using the clipboard and your clipboard history (in Alfred or elsewhere -- I prefer Copied).


If you're looking for an example of a script filter that produces an actionable list of files, see 


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Hey @dfay, what do I pipe to the clipboard? What input goes into the file filter, the only thing that comes out is a path of a file.


I have a file filter that allows me to search through all of my MindNode files and gives a dynamic list of files that have the {query} in them. Like so : 



After the file filter I can copy the output to the clipboard, but that output is a path that corresponds to a file. I need the words query I typed, 'script filter' in this case.


I can create an intermediary empty keyword trigger, get the query, pipe it to clipboard and then pipe it to the file filter but that is really bad as I want to see files for what query that I type immediately. I hope this clears up what it is I want to achieve.


And I did look into @vitor's script, but I thought it just watches a folder for files. It does't really do what I want and also it's a bit slower on startup. I am sure it should be possible to get this word query from the file filter, I can see many use cases where one can need it.


Oh, and selecting my query and copying it before actioning on a file does work, the problem is that I use this action very often and it is very annoying to have to do this every time. :( 


Here (https://transfer.sh/132YYB/search-for-content.alfredworkflow) is the workflow.


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OK I see what you're saying.  You want to act on the selected text but perhaps change the query later and have save the changed query.


You're going to have to write a custom script filter that saves the query in a file every time and then runs the search.


Running the search is pretty easy -- you can do it in bash using mdfind (the command-line interface for Spotlight) and it should be blazing fast since Spotlight does the heavy lifting. 


mdfind 'kMDItemTextContent == "*{query}*" && kMDItemContentType = "com.mindnode.mindnode.mindmap"' -onlyin ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/W6L39UYL6Z~com~mindnode~MindNode/Documents


That will return a list of results.  You just need to hook it together with the programming language and Alfred workflow library of your choice :)

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