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Alfred launcher misbehaves and doesn't load well sometimes


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Quite often after some time of using Alfred, it starts to glitch out. That is, it will often show the window after hotkey is pressed but sometimes it won't or open it and then immediately close it without me doing anything. I made a screencast of it when it was in this bugged out state : 




Also it is very clear to me when it is in this state as the launcher window usually briefly flashes the results of Alfred and then disappears. 

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@nikivi This isn't a bug in Alfred; This will be something as simple as 1. A hotkey conflict with another app that's stealing focus away, or 2. Interference from another app with Accessibility permissions.


To troubleshoot what's happening, first, change your Alfred hotkey and see whether the behaviour is resolved.  Secondly, if you still see the behaviour, go to Alfred's Appearance > Options (bottom left) and change focusing to "Compatibility".


[Moved to Closed, as it isn't a bug, but I'll carry on responding if you still have questions]





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