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Created a quick workflow this morning to add a URL or the current browser URL to Instapaper. I like this approach because it keeps me from having to install extensions in every browser I use.



I started to add interaction with your Instapaper account (like listing bookmarks, opening in browser, etc), but didn't want to get distracted from actual work. ? If this interests you, let me know and I'll continue working on it.



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Thank you for this, I use it regularly but I can't get it to use the url of the current tab. I always have to copy/paste the url into the workflow.

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I'm glad you asked, because I actually updated the workflow this week, to add Opera to the browsers and display a notification once the article was added to Instapaper, but forgot to mention it on this thread. Here's the link to the release: https://github.com/derBingle/alfred-instapaper/releases/tag/v1.0.0


@edbro What browser are you using? After seeing this, I checked it in Safari, Chrome, and Opera just to make sure it's working, and it did for me. Try updating to the new version, and see if that makes a difference. If not, let me know and we'll go from there. 


Glad someone is getting some use out of it besides me! ?

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Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, I still can't get it to grab the url of the current tab. I've tried in both Safari and Opera. When I just use "Instapaper" without giving it the url, it shows the message that "will be waiting for you".  If I pass it the url then it gives the message "google.com will be waiting for you". In the first case nothing gets saved to my Instapaper. In the latter case, the site gets saved correctly. 





It is not a big deal. I'm not so lazy that I can't copy and paste. I just wondered why it isn't working for me when it obviously works for you. 

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