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  1. ver 1.0.5 works great. Thank you very much.
  2. Yes, 100% for Unbelievable. If I type slowly, I get hits on "U", more hits on "UN" and it errors when I get to "UNB".
  3. I sometimes get the following error: ( btw, I renamed the keyword) [09:46:59.488] JustWatch - Alfred[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'unbel' [09:46:59.955] JustWatch - Alfred[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'unbeli' [09:47:00.774] JustWatch - Alfred[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [09:47:00.778] ERROR: JustWatch - Alfred[Script Filter] Code 1: 09:47:00 workflow.py:1695 DEBUG loading cached data: /Users/eds/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Data/com.vwap.justwatch/__workflow_latest_version.cpickle . 09:47:00 workflow.py:2061 DEBUG ----
  4. 1.0.2 works beautifully. Thank you for this.
  5. Same behavior. It resolves to a regular web search.
  6. When I try to search for a streaming option it will just resolve to a standard web search. It starts out like it's working in that after typing "justwatch" it shows the proper icon and hint "find streaming options".
  7. Thank you for this. It was confusing at first until I realized I also had to change the title text to say Texas instead of Illinois. items = [{ title: 'Cases in Texas:', valid: false }]
  8. Okay, I now see the warning about using iCloud for syncing preferences. I set my new location to my OneDrive folder and I can now save preferences. I think I'm all set now.
  9. I have Alfred set to have preferences sync to iCloud, so I thought they were always backed up. Alfred asked me if I wanted to migrate during the first run of ver 4. I said yes. Optimize iCloud storage is disabled There is no preferences folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/ I've given up on recovering my old preferences, I just want to be able to save new ones when I recreate them.
  10. I upgraded from ver 3 to 4 but not all my preferences migrated, even though I have iCloud syncing setup in Advance Pref. My workflows and snippets migrated but other prefs such as web searches, default activation key, etc, did not. I can't even save the option to save clipboard text. I have granted all permissions and I've rebooted. When I look at my preferences backup file I see the file modification date is 5/10, despite trying to make changes today. To make matters worse, when I manually make preference changes, they are not sticking. I've lost all my custom searches. I rely heavi
  11. I'm still getting the same "no such table: ZSFNOTE" using the latest workflow version 0.3.2. I tried uninstalling the previous version and installing the latest but I still get the error.
  12. When I try to use this I get an error message "no such table: data" I noticed on you Packal page that the compatibility chart stops with Yosemite. That os is 3 years old. Will it really not work on High Sierra?
  13. Got it! I followed the example and now have a custom set of keywords! Thank you very much.
  14. Is there a way for individual users to modify this for the apps they choose? I tried unzipping the workflow, editing shortcuts.py and rezipping into cheatsheet.workflow but when I went to install it said "document could not be opened".
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