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Path doesn't get open in an app

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Here is the workflow I am trying to modify.


It is @vitor's workflow but I couldn't find a dedicated alfred post for it so I post here.


I wish to open a passed in path I get from this script filter to an application but it doesn't want to open for some reason. 




This control modifier is what I want to get working. The passed in path seems to be in good shape as I tried to pass the output to clipboard to check. Not sure why it doesn't work. :( 



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11 minutes ago, nikivi said:

It is @vitor's workflow but I couldn't find a dedicated alfred post for it so I post here.


All my released Workflows have forum postings. I have no ideia where you got that one from, but it looks very different from the original (RecentDownloads). The one you posted is a bit of a mess in comparison.


As to your problem, it seems to me like you were not paying much attention. All the information is there. You have it set up completely backwards.



I think you tend to rush a bit with these problems. Instead of immediately asking for help you may benefit from stepping back and looking at the problem again after a while. Maybe start over. That’s how one usually finds their own mistakes,

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Oh wow, how did I not notice that. :( 


It just said 'default app' there as subtext and I didn't assume you have to do it in this way. But this works, thank you. I actually did try to step back and look at it before asking here. 

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