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Add hotkey to show all modifier tooltips


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Currently if I have an Action Modifier, I can add a Modifier Subtext which I can see by pressing and holding the modifier key like control or command.


I would however wish that Alfred had a new builtin hotkey to view all the modifier keys available and their subtexts for any specific item in Alfred output.


So for example I have an item with few action modifiers attached to it :






I would love to press some hotkey and see all the action modifiers and the subtexts at once without having to press cmd, then control, then fn just to see what the actions do. 


Here is a workflow where I solve this by writing out the modifier descriptions into the title itself : 




I hope you can agree on how useful this can be to users and it can be added. Thank you. 

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Just wanted to ask if something like this would be possible to add?


I always struggle to remember which modifiers are available for a certain action I want to do and trying to cycle through all the modifiers by pressing each one is a bit annoying. One hotkey similar to ⌘ + Y to preview, to show all the available modifiers and their tooltips would solve this perfectly.


Thank you.

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Also just to note, showing them in large type would work perfectly well for me. Something like this would be perfect for me : 




Where Alfred only shows modifier tooltips if there are any. Perhaps have it be activated on ⌘ + U or some other key similar to ⌘ + Y for quick view.


Thank you a lot @Andrew if you do consider adding it. It would really be quite amazing for me.

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