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Safari bookmark search

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@dimsav:   The reason I like using this workflow rather than the default, is because then I am able to choose to search my bookmarks (and/or history) only when I need to, rather than having all my bookmarks come every time I type text into Alfred.  Makes things less congested for me personally.

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Is there a way to make alfred just show my safari history when I type the search in without using the keyword? I find alfred severally limited by not able to open my frequently visited sites. And I don't mean bookmarks, there are plenty of sites that I don't bookmark but visit a few times a week. And I love to be able to type it into alfred and have it launch the browser. 


You can drag the history metadata type into Alfred's Features > Default Results > Advanced prefs, but this is definitely not recommended as it saturates Alfred's default results.

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I've just thrown together a little workflow for you:




Use 'sb' to search safari bookmarks and 'sh' to search safari history. Take a look at the search scopes set for each type which is where I found the files to drag into the 'types' field :)



Thanks! I liked this. But is it possible to make it open in a new window instead?

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