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Alfred quits after entering 2 space characters


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ALFRED quits everytime after entering two space characters into Alfred's search line.


How to reproduce:

  • open Alfred (ALT + SPACE)
  • enter first space character => Alfred displays a single quote (')
  • enter second space character => Alfred displays a single quote plus space
  • after approx. 1 second Alfred quits, the Alfred hat disappears from the menu line


It's possible to restart Alfred.app and to repeat the above endlessly ;)


Alfred version: v3.5.1[883}

macOS: 10.13 (17A405)



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@Harry36 Welcome to the forum. 


Could you please launch Console.app and email a few of the crash logs your Mac will have kept from this to our info@ address? This will allow us to take a look at this in more details, as we've not heard of any crashes of this type. 

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Hi Vero,


the crashlogs have been sent to the info@ address.


In the meantime I tested the following:

  • Delete the Spotlight index and force it's rebuild (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201716)
  • Immediately after deleting the index alfred does not crash while entering the two SPACE characters
  • After a night of rebuilding the index Alfred crashes again

There seems to be some content in the index that does not match Alfred's requirements.

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@Harry36 the crash is happening outside of Alfred's control deep within the macOS metadata API. The first thing to try is to remove everything from Alfred's search scope in the Features > Default Results preferences, including unticking "include folders in home", then add back a few folders such as desktop and documents. See if the crash is still happening, then add back further folders until you see the crash.


If we can work out if a specific file is causing the issue (and wether this file has any interesting characteristics), then I'll be able to raise a bug report with Apple. If I can't get any solid information, they will reject the bug.




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