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Incorporating Mac shortcuts into a workflow

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I am new to Alfred, and would like to incorporate some of the shortcuts already existing in mac OS (https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT201236) into a workflow.


For example, I want to assign a keyword input "screenshot" to the mac shortcut Shift-Command-3, since I always forget this combination :)


Can anyone please suggest, how this can be done?



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@Avijeet Prasad In actual fact, for 3.6.1, I've made an addition to the Dispatch Key Combo input field which allows you to edit the modifiers from the [right click] popup menu. This will allow you to set combos which are otherwise reserved and intercepted by macOS.


In your example, you'll be able to enter 3 into Alfred's key combo box, then on the popup menu, select shift and command as the modifiers.


3.6.1 is currently in development, so this will be available in the next update :)




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