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Make Large Type show up time instant

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As I was creating this thread to ask for help on Large Type object.



I had another issue with this Large Type object that is the way Large Type activates. Right now activating Large Type takes some delay before it actually shows on the screen. I want this to be instant.


For example currently I use Hammerspoon to display things onscreen and it is instant however it lacked border background that Alfred has so I want to move it from HS to Alfred instead. Only thing is that it is quite annoying to see the ~ 1 second delay until Large Type actually shows up. As I will be running the above action many times a day. 


It would be great to allow users to set the time it takes to have Large Type activate on the screen where 0 value will be instant. Or have it be default to be instant.


Oh and I did check it where by I call the Large Type as the first and only thing after a trigger and it takes the same amount of time (~ 1/2 seconds) which is not instant.


2018-07-02 at 14.17.png


I would really appreciate this change. Thank you. 

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17 minutes ago, Andrew said:

did you set the hotkey to fastest mode (pass through modifiers)


Do you mean this:



If yes, I did have it set. The delay it turns out is not that bad after some time using it. I was just used to instant feedback of my Hammerspoon displaying. Large Type is nearly instant but there is still a bit of a delay that you see (~ 1 second) vs 0 seconds of Hammerspoon.

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@nikivi click on the green Command symbol with the up arrow above it, on the far right of the Hotkey field. Go to "Trigger behaviour" and select "Pass through modifier keys (Fastest)". That's what Andrew meant.

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8 hours ago, Tsunami said:

Go to "Trigger behaviour" and select "Pass through modifier keys (Fastest)"


Yeah that makes it a bit faster indeed. However I call my workflow with an External trigger it doesn't seem to have this option.


In any way, I think the speed of it is fine, I just had to get used to it coming from Hammerspoon.

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