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snippets pasting twice

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@jweinstein Welcome to the forum! 


Please take a look at this thread where the recent double-pasting issue seems to be down to a workflow force-launching a second instance of Alfred:


First, launch Activity Monitor and quit any duplicate of Alfred running.


Next, check your workflows and if you're using one of the two Emoji workflows (or seemingly another workflow built using the Alfy library by @sindresorhus), please disable it and let the workflow creator know.


If the above isn't the issue, please ensure you don't have another text expansion app running concurrently (e.g. Text Expander or macOS' own text expansion) with the same keywords.



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The solution is to turn off your keyboard settings for Key Repeat.  This is found in the systems preferences pane.   If set too fast,  the error discussed will occur repeatedly.

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