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[SOLVED] Trying to Run a Python Script from AppleScript and Receiving an Error

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To make a long story short, I updated a workflow. It has a long action that is done by an Alfred Script object in AppleScript. In certain cases, I want to do some of the work via a python script rather than in AppleScript. To do this I added the following which checks a variable already set and if so tries to run a python script I put in the workflow folder. (The argument passed is encapsulated in quotes)

			--check if online and if so, use Python.
			if contents of online is "online" then
				--run script to put passage onto the clipboard
				do shell script "python ./get_verse.py \"" + passageRef + "\""
				--paste the passage into the current app
				keystroke "v" using command down

The réponse I'm getting back in Alfred debugging is: 

[2019-01-16 15:18:30][ERROR: action.script] /Users/samuel/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Scripts/27C48708-2D1A-4008-BCBF-CCABCD6247DC:801:811: execution error: Can’t make "python ./get_verse.py \"" into type number. (-1700)

This tells me it's not executing the python script. I'm sure there's something simple here I'm missing but cannot figure out what it is.

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Replace the + with & 


AS is trying to add numbers ( hence the error message ) rather than concatenating strings.

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