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Alfred 3.8 pre-release: Hardened Runtime and Apple Notarization


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Hi All,


Just to let you know, I've just pre-released 3.8 which has been configured with a hardened runtime, which is a prerequisite for Apple's Notarisation process.


I'd appreciate it if people who are updating to Alfred's pre-releases (from Alfred Preferences' Update tab) could let me know in this forum thread if they run into any issues with this update, for example, workflow scripts which worked in the previous pre-release not being able to run.


I'm hoping to have the notarised version of Alfred 3.8 generally released within a week or so.


Big thanks!


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Don't know if it's definitely related, but an old workflow I use to move url's around different browsers, no longer seems to work.  safirechrome is the workflow.  


Running the workflow's scripts outside of Alfred, still seems to give the correct results.

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1 minute ago, Andrew said:

@gta91 which build of Alfred 3.8 are you using? I did a tweak in b957 with relation to automation and Apple Events which should fix these types of issues.





I updated this morning to v.3.8 [957].  If there's any debug information I can gather for you, from Alfred, or the OS, just let me know.

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@gta91 A few things to check:


1. Are you using Mojave? If so, could you please check the Automation tab in Security & Privacy and ensure that the checkboxes for Alfred to have permissions for automation in the browsers are ticked. Here's more information on granting Alfred the right permissions: 



2. How frequently/recently have you used that workflow? Could you please quit Alfred, drag this build to Trash and re-download v3.7.1 from alfredapp.com, and test whether the issue occurs in this build as well? If it occurs in this build too, then the issue isn't related to the recent changes Andrew has made.


Let us know how you get on :)



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Hi Vero,


First image was the security settings after the update to the latest version of Alfred.  Second image shows the security settings and the workflow working under v3.7.1.


I've just updated to the latest pre-release build again and the workflow is working again as normal.  While it has resolved my issue, I'm not sure if that helps you debug what happened the first time I upgraded.


If I can gather any other info, just let me know.



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