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[SOLVED] Some apps are not found by Alfred


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Hi there,


I'm using Alfred v3.8 [959] with Power Pack on macOS 10.13.6 and I'm experiencing issues with launching some apps:

/Applications/Whatsapp.app for example can't be started from Alfred, but can be launched from Spotlight.


Some other apps that can't be launched:

/Applications/HP Easy Scan.app

/Applications/Micro Snitch.app





It seems completely random to me.




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1 hour ago, deanishe said:

You can try refreshing Alfred's list of applications with the reload command. Also, I find that navigating into /Applications in Alfred and launching the app from there is usually sufficient to teach Alfred about its existence.

Reload did the job, thanks!

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  • vitor changed the title to [SOLVED] Some apps are not found by Alfred

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