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Alfred Workflow PHP

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Hello there.


To build cleaner workflows I needed to use some of the new fields found in Alfred 3.4.1 and 3.5. I usually use the fantastic package from Joe Tannenbaum to build my workflows but it's not updated and its fluent api is starting to show its limitation with the new nested fields. So I build my own.


I started using it to build the v2 of my Alfred Time package and I'm quite pleased with it so I'm thinking, if you need to build workflows that handle the new nested field, you might want to have a look at my workflow. If not, Joe's package might have a nicer API.




Have fun, and be productive with Alfred!


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hey @joetannenbaum yeah following you on GitHub and saw the release today. congrats! and i'm glad. after Apple decided to stop packing interpreters in macOS, i've switched and then rebuilt my Alfred ecosystem in Swift. i was still maintaining the PHP one but only when i had time, and without too much heart tbh. so i'm gonna archive mine now and redirect it to yours :D


welcome back.

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@joetannenbaum in my case i was starting building an app for the Mac so it was a right time to dig into Swift. and also i've had several issues with my PHP workflows, between the PHP versions people would install through Homebrew and/or the M1/Intel installation paths. i still have those issues reported from time to time and it's painful to dig into this again. my brain is not done to handle several different things at one. so be ready to get some transfers :D

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