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Modifiers keys for Fallback searches

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I would like to be able to add modifiers keys to be able to decide in which browser I want my search to be opened when I search using modifiers keys. 


For example: I type "Alfred" in Alfred search bar with Google Search as the first of my Fallback searches then hit the Cmd key to open Google search in Google Chrome. Hitting Ctrl would have opened Safari.




I know something similar is possible with workflows but I would prefer to not have to have to use a trigger as it adds one more step.


Plus, one has to create one specific workflow for each fallback search which means more  keyboard shortcuts or keywords to remember. 


What do you think @Andrew


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You neither need triggers nor one workflow per fallback.


All you need is to setup Fallback Search Triggers, connect them to a few Open URL Actions, and use a modifier for each connection, with the browsers you want. Don’t forget to activate them in Alfred Preferences → Features → Default Results → Setup fallback results.


Yes, it’ll take a bit of initial work, but it’s self contained and will work exactly as you’re asking.

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