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[SOLVED] find/open/in defaults to web search when I enter a search term

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I'm on the latest version of Alfred, and I'm not sure when this stopped working, but at some point, open/find/in just stopped working, and goes back to a default web search.


If I type any of the commands, I get the correct behaviour at first:


However, once I start typing the name of a file, it defaults to searching the web:



Quick File Search is enabled in the preferences, and all the commands are enabled as well:



Does anyone know what I might need to fix?


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@mari Alfred will switch to the fallback searches if there are no matching results found on your Mac, so it looks like out of the available files within your defined search scope, none match "ege".


Take a look at the Indexing Troubleshooting page here, as it walks you through the possible steps:



It may be that your Mac's metadata index would benefit from being rebuilt, if you expect to find a relevant file within your search scope (defined on the Default Results preferences tab) and it's not appearing. You can rebuild your index from Alfred's Advanced preferences.


If you're expecting to find a file, could you please let us know what file type, what the path is and provide a screenshot of your Default Results prefs?


Let us know how you get on :)



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I do have a file with a file name including that that (the path being "/Users/Mari/Documents/egenmelding.txt"), and even if I just type "e" or any other single letter, which I obviously have a lot of files matching, it defaults back to a web search:



These are my Default Results prefs. As I understand it, regardless of these settings, when I use "open" or "find" it should search my whole Home folder?



I'll try to rebuild the index, because as far as I know, I haven't changed any of these settings in years, and it used to work fine. As it is now, no search terms at all work with open/find/in.

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Welcome @mari,


Have you tried the troubleshooting steps? Have you disabled Spotlight, by any chance?


On a tangential note, I’ll ask that you avoid saying you’re on the “latest” version and always say the exact one. When you say “latest” we don’t know if you mean the latest pre-release or stable version, nor do we know if you’re actually on the newest version. You may think you’re up to date but be mistaken, or might be a version behind because the auto-update hasn’t kicked yet, or we may not be on what we think is the latest version but isn’t, or a multitude of other reasons. It also does not help someone who comes later with the same issue, as they’ll have no idea if their version matches yours.


Thank you.

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I don't have Spotlight disabled, no. Re-indexing everything followed by a restart seems to have solved the problem, so thank you @Vero!


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