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Hide Desktop Icons - A Toggle Approach

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Hello! I previously used some apps that helped hide the visibility of the macOS desktop but wanted to take on creating an Alfred workflow that would do the work for me.


All of the existing workflows I found relied on typing out commands to explicitly state if you wanted to show or hide the desktop icons. I think that's silly. Instead, this workflow first looks up whether the desktop is currently hidden, and then uses that data to do the opposite. No typing out explicit commands, just use the same keyboard shortcut to toggle the desktop on and off. Easy peasy.


The recommended mapping is:

command + .

This hot key doesn’t conflict with system defaults and also logically mirrors the hot key for showing and hiding hidden files in the Finder (command + shift + .) The hotkey can easily be set by editing the workflow in the Alfred preferences UI.


Grab it from Github or Packal.




Hope you enjoy!


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Whoops! Forgot the link.
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Welcome @boyd,


9 hours ago, boyd said:

By default it's mapped to


Small note: it’s not. Alfred strips hotkeys on importing/exporting Workflows, so a user installing your Workflows will always have a blank Hotkey that they have to set up themselves. This is by design, to not cause conflicts with other keywords on a user’s machine

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