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Snippets trash folder problem.


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Deleting a snippets collection fails, and the following error is shown when trying to do so:



"SnippetsCollection" couldn't be moved to the trash because the volume "Macintosh HD" doesn't have one.



(Running Catalina Beta 4.)

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@DavidL As you know, Catalina is in beta; The existence of a Trash folder, and granting apps sufficient permissions to access it, is the responsibility of the OS. This is the kind of bug you need to report to Apple's Beta programme.



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2 hours ago, Torbjørn Vatn said:

What's the recommended way to delete a workflow manually?


While it's not a recommended way to delete workflows, you could right click on it and show it in Finder, then delete the folder containing the workflow. It may take a few moments for Alfred to notice that the workflow has gone.


If you're still getting this error, it could be a botched upgrade to Catalina, as this should now operate as expected.




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