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[SOLVED] Simple Feedparser Script Not Working

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Hello. I wrote this code for python 3 before discovering that it is not supported by Alfred. Ever since, I have failed to convert it to python 2 and to be able to incorporate it in a workflow. This is the original script that was working just fine:


import feedparser

d = feedparser.parse('https://www.aliftaa.jo/PrayTimes.ashx')


I changed the shebang to (#!/usr/bin/python) and removed the parentheses in the print functions. However when I run it in terminal (using python2) it says that "list index out of range" and in python launcher 2.7 "No module named feedparser". I'm not experienced with programming so I have been struggling to figure it out on my own but I have failed to do so for the couple past days. Any help is deeply appreciated!

Edit: I installed feedparser in the python 2.7 directory and it imports normally in terminal.

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11 hours ago, deanishe said:


Alfred works fine with Python 3. You can use your existing, Python 3 script by setting Language to External Script.

Thank you so much! It finally worked after my many failing attempts to convert it to python 2.

P.s. Alfred is absolutely my favorite app on my Mac. It really is an essential app for productivity and it complements MacOS perfectly. I really appreciate your work!

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