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File actions: Adding ~/ to file path made Alfred unresponsive.


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I wanted to move a file from my ~/Downloads/ folder to one of my ~/Dropbox/ folder using the Alfred action "Move to...".


After the file was selected, "Move to" action was selected, I typed "Dropbox".


The results I got were not satisfying as I only got three and none of them were the ~/Dropbox/ folder.


I then decided to add ~/ before "Drobpbox". At that very moment Alfred started to use 60% of my Mac CPU. 


The only solution was to restart Alfred via the Activity Monitor. Experienced it three times.


Had no problem of CPU, when instead of typing "Dropbox" then "~/", I typed /Users/UserName/Dropbox/

Or when I navigated between the folders with the left and right arrows.


Alfred v4.0.3 (1092)

Mac OS X 10.12.6

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