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LastPass and Xmarks

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Hey guys, 

Have just purchased Alfred with mega supporter power pack, based on a recommendation and impressive features!

Would it be possible at some point to support LastPass in a similar way to 1password? I signed up with both LastPass and their sister app Xmarks to help manage all my passwords and bookmarks across all devices I use. 

While I can easily open these options in my browser it would be fantastic to be able to search through all my passwords, logins and bookmarked sites in Alfred, and perhaps work in copy and paste and autoload for easy logins (when clicking on a saved password in LastPass it can automatically load the website in question and log you straight into your account!). 

Just something to consider. I've seen lots of requests for this elsewhere on the web, but couldn't find any specifically in the features forum. 


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LastPass runs only in the browser and needs decryption, so it can be a bit tricky, as you’d probably need to communicate with it via the extension. Also, bear in mind that the 1Password integration doesn’t do everything (like copying passwords directly), with reason.
I somehow doubt Alfred will integrate with LastPass, at least in the near future, but if it’s possible/feasible, your best bet is to make a request for a workflow.

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I think there is a option for lastpass to have an encrypted database on your local computer via "Pocket", their desktop app. I read on another forum for a previous launcher (QS I think) that this was more feasible due to the database being local rather than a remote.

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