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'Open URL' in specific Google Chrome user profile

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I use various Google Chrome user profiles ("People", per Chrome's parlance) to keep my personal and work browser environments separate. This means that if I open a Google Docs link tied to work on my personal Chrome user profile, then it will say "You don't have access". I therefore have to always make sure my active Chrome window is of the profile for which I'm logged into an account of.


At the same time, I have many simple Keyword --> Open URL workflows. How can I have an 'Open URL' action open not just in a specific browser, but a specific user profile of that browser? Is there a way to accomplish this?

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4 minutes ago, Pennyworth said:

Is there a way to accomplish this?


Instead of using Alfred's Open URL action, you use a Run Script with Language = "/bin/bash" and put whatever command-line command is necessary to open a URL in your preferred profile.

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2 minutes ago, deanishe said:

What does "noticeably slower" mean? It is, of course, slower. If it's a lot slower, then you may have misconfigured your shell.


"Noticeably" is probably an overstatement, but there's definitely a 1-2 second lag when opening URLs via /bin/bash instead of Alfred's native URL Opener (basically instantaneous).

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3 minutes ago, deanishe said:

Is it much faster if you use /usr/bin/open URL or leave off the --profile-directory argument?


I tried removing the '--profile-directory' argument from the bash script and it still lags by 2 seconds more than Alfred's Open URL action.

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4 hours ago, Pennyworth said:

Yes, seems that way. Makes me wonder how Alfred's workflow action can get the job done faster than the system.


I suspect it’s because Alfred already has a persistent connection to the shared NSWorkspace, whereas your command/script needs to establish a new one every time it's run.


I don’t understand much about the way the whole macOS application runtime works, but when scripting applications, establishing the initial connection typically takes quite a long time, and the subsequent commands execute very quickly in comparison.


Perhaps @Andrew could explain it better/correct me if I'm wrong.

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