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Workflow to choose from many 'Open URL' actions

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I currently have a workflow I made called 'DailyDigest', which consists of a keyword named 'daily' triggering 5 separate 'Open URL' actions (of sites that I'd like to visit once a day). I've attached a screenshot of this basic workflow. It works well, but now I'd like to evolve it to the next level.


Ideally, I would type the same keyword ('daily'), but this time it would reveal all 5 URLs in a list within Alfred, and offer a 6th option: 'Open All', which would open all at the same time (as it currently does). Even more ideal, each URL would have its own custom favicon.


How would one go about doing this?


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Follow-up question @dfay or anyone else: how would I create a 'Trigger All' action that opened every URL that the List Filter contains?


Let's assume I have 4 websites I'd like to open at once, and then a 5th option that says 'Open All', how would I create that 'Open All' option, that would trigger all Open URL actions within that List Filter?

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