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Hi, I am new here and I appreciate any help you can offer. 


Please, before you answer and say use the search bar, I have done that and cannot find my solution, or it is not phrased the way I am asking. 


I would like to create or use a workflow that will open a specific folder by default when I am in an application.  And I would like to be able to set different favorite or default folders for different programs.  So if I am in Quicktime, and I type command + O, the file menu would open automatically starting at my favorite or "default" folder.  Then, in another application, such as Brave browser, the file menu would open to a different folder that I had set.  


Is there anything that exists like this or could you recommend how I might build this?  Thank you for your help.



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Sure thing, I did not realize this was a powerpack only feature.  I have not purchased the powerpack yet as I wanted to be sure that Alfred would be able to perform this function prior to purchase.  Is there a way I can move forward without having purchased the powerpack, and can it perform this function?  Thanks.



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@briansurg When you say "the file menu", do you mean Alfred's File Navigation? Or the macOS menu? It's possible, with the Powerpack, to create workflows to perform different actions depending on which app is currently in focus. If you clarify exactly what you want to achieve out of the process, we'll be able to confirm what's possible.


With regards to the post being hidden - I'm the one who hid it temporarily, while trying to manage the forum from my phone on a Saturday afternoon. I'd misread the post at a glance and read it as though you were declining to provide a Powerpack license. I now see it's a case of reading too quickly, and your thread is visible again.


I will however take the liberty of closing and hiding your other thread debating with @vitor the merits of my decision. This is a friendly forum where we, as the creators of Alfred, and the community do our best to help users. There was no ill intent, and the thread in question is no longer relevant.


If you opt to buy a Powerpack license, and fill in your forum details accordingly, at that stage we'll be able to help you create a workflow for your use :)



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Thank you for helping me to better understand.  As a new guest here, it was never my intention to violate the rules of the forum.  Again, I am glad to support developers, and I am still just hoping to have a better understanding of the capacity and power of this program.  My intention is to start an application, such as quicktime, and open a file.  In order to automate this routine work flow, I would like the application to start with a folder that has been designated rather than the last folder opened.  So the workflow would be to open folder x to start looking for the file.  In the below example, I would like TV to be the preferred folder to open, rather than going all the way back to the root of home folder.  Thank you for listening and hopefully understanding my request.





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@briansurg I'm trying to understand your objective, rather than the process you think is best. Is your aim to open a folder, then select a file, opening it in its default app or a non-default app?


All of this is possible with the Powerpack, and doesn't necessitate opening the macOS file menu. There are many ways to reach the goal you have in mind, but it's unproductive for us to help you create a workflow at this stage, as I understand you're still not a Powerpack user.


Once you've clarified the goal (rather than the process) you want to achieve, and you're equipped with your Powerpack license, we'll be able to help you further :)




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