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Jiralfred - Alfred Workflow for go-jira/jira

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Hey Alfred community!


I've recently made an Alfred workflow for managing Jira Cloud.

Please try it out if you are interested!



Github: https://github.com/jackchuka/alfred-workflow-jira


I've seen many Jira workflows in the past but none were suited to my daily routines, whether they were setup-heavy, very few operations, or dependency-heavy.

So I built my own with these in mind, It's made on top of a widely used go-jira/jira command line tool so you are probably already familiar to. It also covers many basic functionalities by default and it can be extended easily.


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Hi @jackchuka, welcome to the forum.


Workflow looks good, but there are a couple of issues. The packaged workflow contains multiple nested copies of itself. It looks like you're putting the exported workflow in the same directory as the source code, and then exporting it again.


Also, would you consider including the jira executable with your workflow? A lot of users don’t have a clue how to install Go, build go binaries, or figure out where GOBIN is.


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