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Alfred won't open a Google search in Safari on Big Sur


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Have just updated to Big Sur 11.0.1 and Safari Version 14.0.1 (16610. I have Alfred 4.2.1[1187].


When I type google in Alfred's search box








then press return and then my search parameter and return again, Safari opens and says it can't find the page.





The search bar at the top of safari just contains the search parameter and nothing about google.




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Hi @lewgley, welcome to the forum.


The error message is pretty clear: "the server unexpectedly dropped the connection".


15 hours ago, lewgley said:

The search bar at the top of safari just contains the search parameter and nothing about google.


Again, that's a Safari thing. You can also see the actual URL in the error page.


It looks very much like Alfred has passed the correct URL to Safari, but Safari is having difficulty opening it.


What happens if you refresh the page? Or select the location bar and hit return?

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Hi deanishe,


Yeah I thought it was odd that it reference the correct url in the error message.


Yes, if I select the address bar and hit return it works. But, if I, in Alfred, do the same but for say 'Wiki'  or 'Amazon, it works fine in Safari. Every time. With Google though, it fails every time. Since my Big Sur upgrade it has not worked once. Before the upgrade it didn't fail once.


Regarding the URL after passing to safari.... when I do wiki, then return ,then my search parameter, then return - safari then has this as a url - 



and it works


And the same with amazon - 



and it works


but with google the url is - 



and it doesn't work. In actual fact it looks like safari hides the whole url and in the address bar displays just 'Alfred the great' but when you copy and paste you get the whole url. 

Why would the google search be handled any differently?

Any ideas?







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@lewgley The search bar not showing a full Google URL is just the way Safari works when Google is your default search engine.


In Safari's prefs > Search > change your search engine to Duckduckgo temporarily, then pop up Alfred and type "google Alfred". Safari should pop up and fill a full URL in the browser menu bar.  This may not solve your issue but it'll allow you to see a complete URL in the search bar.


Do you have any browser plugins that may be intercepting the Google search? Or any other network settings that may be interfering with normal browser operation?



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