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Display the name of the workflow sharing the same key combination.

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I realized that Ctrl+up arrow opened a new tab in Brave browser while this keyboard shortcut is supposed to only work in Mission Control by default (before any change by the user in System Preferences). As Alfred is the first place I set my keyboard shortcuts, I tried to find the workflow that was using Ctrl+Up arrow.


I added a keyboard shortcut trigger with Ctrl+Up arrow to one of my workflow and was kindly warmed that this hotkey combination is shared with other hotkey triggers. I scrolled/checked all my workflows and didn't find the famous workflow sharing this key combination. 


Would be great if Alfred would also display the name of the workflow sharing the same key combination. 


Would be such a time saver!


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How are you even doing that? Alfred doesn't let me bind the same keyboard shortcut twice, I get an error bell instead.


Anyway, you can recursively grep the plist files in the workflows directory. Just right-click the workflow you know the shortcut to and select Open in Terminal, open the info.plist in a text editor, nano info.plist then find the keys, eg:



Then, from the terminal, go back a directory into the workflows dir, and run grep -r 1572864 * # or whatever key code you can use that's (hopefully) unique


Finding the exact key command would be a little tricky, but this should get you a list of just a few files unless you have tons of workflows with similar keyboard shortcuts.

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