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  1. Thanks for the responses, guys. I just want to make it clear that running the "Rebuild macOS Metadata" script in Alfred is what's corrupted my Spotlight index. Everything worked fine before that minus the relatively minor issue I raised at the start of this thread. The script's messaging is incredibly confusing, and presumably it's quite old. Saying it doesn't work would be an understatement, it's destructive. I recommend others avoid using it at all costs. The primary reason for my frustration by the way, is not just because I don't "feel like" clearing caches or whatever. It's because these types of things rarely work, and as such are a waste of time. In this case it's made things worse. Since the script corrupted Spotlight I've tried various fixes researched online and nothing's resolved it. Hopefully I'll find resolution at some point. Back to my original post: it's seems to me like Alfred should easily be able to remove the .prefPane extension. Even if it's an edge case, it seems like a trivial addition. Thanks again for such an amazing product though. I'm sure it's not easy fielding random problems day in and day out. You guys have always been quick to respond and I'm grateful for that. 🙏
  2. This also appears to have screwed up my Spotlight Privacy list:
  3. I'm not sure I follow. If Alfred gets these from the OS, why would their output in Alfred change, and why would clearing caches change that? My assumption has been that these names changed in Big Sur. I just got around to updating, and this is when the issue began. Regardless, neither reloading Alfred, or Rebuilding metadata had any affect. In fact, the metadata rebuilding process seems quite error fraught. This appears to just be stuck: I've also tried not deleting .Spotlight-V100 and I've gotten various other errors depending apparently, on the time of day, lol. This process is difficult and far from user friendly, and it's always frustrating to hear "delete your cache" or "restart your computer". And apparently the *.prefPane issue is just my machine so I guess I'll just live with it. ‾\_(ツ)_/‾
  4. Alfred 4.5.1 Build 1256, Monday 9th August 2021 macOS Big Sur Version 11.6 (20G165) When searching for System Preferences in Alfred, items are displayed with the extension `.prefPane` and their name is not always display friendly. Also, typing "printer" doesn't show a result for `Printers & Scanners` since the prefPane name is `PrintAndScan.prefPane` (no "er" in the name). Some of the System Preferences entries don't share the name of their prefPane file at all, eg. `Users & Groups` doesn't show up when typing "users" or "groups" since the file name is `Accounts.prefPane`. If you tab complete a highlighted prePane entry, you'll also get another item to "Open the typed URL" since Alfred recognizes the filename as a link.
  5. I wish this feature (and hack) worked with File Filters themselves (without Hotkey). I have a File Filter for my projects (only four) and it would be nice to see them immediately without needing to type the beginning for their name first, so I can use ⌘ + 1,2,3, etc. i guess I'll have to write a Script Filter instead.
  6. How are you even doing that? Alfred doesn't let me bind the same keyboard shortcut twice, I get an error bell instead. Anyway, you can recursively grep the plist files in the workflows directory. Just right-click the workflow you know the shortcut to and select Open in Terminal, open the info.plist in a text editor, nano info.plist then find the keys, eg: Then, from the terminal, go back a directory into the workflows dir, and run grep -r 1572864 * # or whatever key code you can use that's (hopefully) unique Finding the exact key command would be a little tricky, but this should get you a list of just a few files unless you have tons of workflows with similar keyboard shortcuts.
  7. You may be able to find some AppleScript that accesses Edge bookmarks. A lot of Mac applications have AppleScript commands available, but they're often not documented. I'm pretty sure this is how Safari and Chrome bookmarks are accessed under the hood.
  8. Are you saying you don't want to create a workflow? Create a workflow, lol.
  9. Ahh, thanks very much. I did put some examples into Google, but I must have switch some of them or something. And thanks for the math lesson. 🙏🏻
  10. When executing negative exponents in parenthesis numbers are often inconsistent. I guess it could be the notation's way of interpreting order of operations but I'd expect all of these to work the same way. At the very least, I'd expect the first screenshot here to be correct, ie. -2 to the power of 4 should equal 16. Not sure if this helps, but it could be that the interpreter is evaluating the negative sign as a subtraction operator and putting precedence on the exponent operation first. ie. it's trying to respect PEMDAS but the negative symbol should not be treated an operator, per se. It should applied to any int/float directly following it before executing operations in normal PEMDAS order. In case anyone's not familiar with the acronym: Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction
  11. Ahh, I don't use Auto Expansion, so I never thought to look in its options. So (even without "Automatically expand snippets by keyword" enabled) I was indeed able to get the behavior I described above by checking "Restore clipboard contents: After Snippets Viewer or Keyword" in the Auto Expand Options configuration pane, pictured below: Thanks very much, @deanishe
  12. I start with something in my clipboard. I use one of my snippets in Alfred that utilizes the {clipboard} keyword to take what's currently in my clipboard and injects it into the snippet text then pastes it. When I execute the snippet presumably, it copies the snippet into the system clipboard then pastes it into the foreground application. The issue I face is that my clipboard is now overwritten with the snippet text, not my original text. I'm not able to quickly reuse my snippet again, since the initial text is now different. When I execute the snippet in this state I get compounded recursive text pasted and ever expanding clipboard contents whet the snippet is used repeatedly. Example: I start with the text "watermelon" in my clipboard. My snippet is: "My favorite fruit is {clipboard}." When I execute the snippet, it's pasted as intended, but the clipboard now contains the text: "My favorite fruit is watermelon." When I execute the snippet again, the text pasted is: "My favorite fruit is My favorite fruit is watermelon.." I recommend an option (checkbox) be added to the bottom of the edit snippet screen that says, "Preserve initial clipboard contents" or "Do not write to clipboard" or "Prevent overwriting clipboard" or something to that effect, like so:
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