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Wrap text in double carets ("^^") for Roam Research highlighting

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What this workflow does:

This Alfred workflow wraps whatever text is highlighted on your screen in pre-specified text strings.


By default, this workflow will wrap the highlighted text in double carets (i.e. "^^"), but you can very easily change what text to add right before and after your highlighted text by simply editing the code to replace the `'^^'`'s on each side of `argv` with whatever text you want (making sure that whatever text you want to add is also surrounded by quotation marks).


This is how the Ruby code that powers workflow looks "out of the box":


print ARGV.map{ |argv|'^^' + argv + '^^' }.join

If I wanted to change the workflow to wrap a piece of text—like "hello, world", for example—such that it came out "Well, hello, world!", all I would have to do is edit the code to look like this:


print ARGV.map{ |argv|'Well, ' + argv + '!' }.join


How to use this workflow:

To use this workflow, visit my GitHub page for this workflow, download the "wrap-selected-text.alfredworkflow" file, and open the file with Alfred.


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Welcome @eupraxia,


As much as I’m glad to see more Workflows written in Ruby, this is more complex than it needs be. Instead of print ARGV.map{ |argv|'^^' + argv + '^^' }.join you could just print "^^#{ARGV[0]}^^"; `ARGV` will always be a one-item array in this situation, so map and join are unnecessary. But even that is too complex, you don’t need code at all! You can delete the Run Script, Connect the Hotkey directly to the Copy to Clipboard and have the delimiters there: ^^{query}^^.

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