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Dropbox Workflow?

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Is there a dropbox workflow out there that allow interacting with dropbox commands while in alfred's file navigation. I am often searching my files within alfred, revealing in the finder and then right clicking to use the dropbox contextual menu to make a particular folder or item local via smart sync. I would love to search my files within alfred -- hit the right arrow and be able to to have a dbox "local" or "online only" file action.





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Well, I figured out a way to do this (sort of)  by incorporating @vitor's right click script. I can't imagine this is the most efficient way to do this? Is there possibly another way to accomplish this without heading to the finder? From what I gather those dropbox menu commands are not scriptable.



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2 hours ago, sepulchra said:

From what I gather those dropbox menu commands are not scriptable.

They rarely are. Menus are designed for people with mice, not scripts. Simulating user interaction is typically a last resort. If you want to automate something, you should always look for an API first.

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