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How to take text input from user?

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Hi everyone,


I am building a workflow where I want to take 2 inputs from the user, one after the other. How can I do that? I searched a bit and found apple script can display an input dialog box, but with only one input field. Plus, there are certain limitations to things I can do in AS and prefer not to use it.


Is there another way I can take two inputs consecutively from the user? I was thinking of using script filter like:

- Trigger script filter 1

- Take first input 1

- Pass it to next script filter

- Send it for further processing.


But this seems too complicated. Any easier way to achieve this @deanishe?


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Why do you need two Script Filters? Why do you need Script Filters at all? You considered using AppleScript dialogs to requests the input, so it sounds like two Keyword Inputs would suffice and be simpler. While we’re at it, why two? Depending on the input, you may just get them both in one go if you separate them with a comma, or a space, or another character and split it right after, either in your code or with a utility.

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@deanishe I was able to make this work with 2 script filters, but for some reason, when the workflow finishes the text processing and pastes the text, it always inserts a new line at the end (cursor goes to the next line). I want the cursor to remain on the same line (unless the actual text output contains new line). 



Input (selected just the text without the new line):


convert this







{cursor is here}




Workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcocudpog6eeoy7/Remove Newlines.alfredworkflow?dl=0

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