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Command history is wiped at every reboot 4.6.6 [1302]


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This morning I noted that a new upgrade for Alfred was available to download and install. So I updated this morning.


I've been working on networking cache issues, so I've had to reboot my system repeatedly today. Whenever I do, I find that my command history in the main Alfred window has been wiped or is otherwise not coming up.


When I execute commands, they do accumulate in the history, so they're available to recall—until I restart Alfred or reboot.


This happens whether I actually reboot or if I use the Activity Monitor to force Alfred to quit and then restart Alfred.


I'm running the 12.3.1 Monterey.


I'm happy to run any tests you'd like to see.




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Goodness!  Really?  I guess that just goes to show how good my uninterrupted uptime generally is.  I've always thought it was preserved.


Please go ahead and close this and we'll attribute this to User Misunderstanding.


Thanks very much!



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