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Automations: output of "run JavaScript" automation

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First, I'd like to thank you for amazing features shipped in Alfred 5. It will really simplify handling multiple routine tasks for me.


As a matter of fact, I had some custom-written pieces of AppleScript I used to communicated to Chrome Tabs I'll be able to replace with automations now.

However, there's one thing that prevents me from switching to the automations completely: "run JavaScript" automation doesn't have any output.


In my custom AppleScript snippets I used it a lot as a tool to pass the data from the browser tab to Alfred (e.g. in many cases I serialised data in some invisible element on the page and later Alfred read it and parsed the data), in this fashion (this is JS AppleScript):


tracksList = chrome.execute(tab, {
  javascript: 'document.getElementById("jsHelper__deezerPlaylist").textContent',


Could you consider adding this output as a feature? Thank you!

alfred js.png

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