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I want Yak Saver

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A workflow called Yak Saver is shown on the What's New in Alfred 5 page and it looks like a really handy tool. Maybe it's just a mocked up workflow? Or is it (or something similar) available somewhere? 

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@Vero I sure someone way smarter can figure this out, but is there a way to build on this so it cycles like a pomodoro timer? i.e. can you have the yak shaving time, a break timer (yak butter time?), and set the number of cycles? something like this would be far more preferable than many of existing options that are out there for pomodoro. I much prefere yaks to tomatoes. 



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@vitor I'll take a look at your Sandwich timer! My issues with most of the options out there have been related to not needing yet another small app in the menu bar..... 


I like the idea of it being a simple workflow.

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