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Where are Workflows Saved?

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I made some workflows at my home computer and wanted to transfer them to work. I'm not syncing through drop box. I copied the preferences folder from my home computer to my work computer and do not see the workflows I made nor the workflows that were on my work computer either. I'm assuming I did not copy the right files/folder...


What can I do to get my work computer back on track?


Thank you1



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@Photios You can copy your whole Alfred.alfredpreferences file from one Mac to another to get all your workflows and settings copied over.


Your preferences could be in one of two locations:
1. If you synced your preferences, you'll find your Alfred.alfredpreferences file in the sync location you've been using

2. If you didn't sync your preferences, you'll find the Alfred.alfredpreferences file in 
~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/

You'll still need to activate your Powerpack on your new Mac, as well as set a few locally-stored settings (Clipboard History and Snippets enabling, primary Alfred hotkey, current theme) but your workflows, custom searches, themes, etc will all be copied within that file. :)

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16 hours ago, Photios said:

For some reason, the computer is not seeing the workflows that are stored in the preferences file.


Could you provide some more specific information?

  • Where are your preferences stored?
  • Are you using the same version of Alfred and macOS on both Macs?
  • When you say the computer's not seeing the workflows, is it seeing your other preferences?
  • Are you sure you copied the correct Alfred.alfredpreferences file? Keep in mind that even if you had your sync location to a different spot, there will be an Alfred.alfredpreferences original file in the ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/ location - it doesn't mean this is the right one :)

With enough details, we'll be able to help you out further.

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