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Custom Terminal script causing Alfred 5 to hang?


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I'm not sure where to post this so I'll start here. 


I'm using @vitor's custom iTerm script with Alfred and iTerm 3.4.16 on macOS 12.5.1 [21G83]


I noticed that if iTerm is not already running, any Terminal command action will fail and hang Alfred with a spinning beachball (I captured 2 spindumps of this just a few minutes ago in case you want me to send them in).


I've tried adjusting the delay value as suggested elsewhere but that did not make a difference. I understand this could be an iTerm or AppleScript bug, just wondering if anyone else has encountered it.



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I know why this is happening. My iTerm settings are configured to launch iTerm without opening a new window by default. Because I want iTerm always running so I have it in my Login Items so it just launches and waits until I need it. 


But, the script doesn't account for this, so it launches iTerm and just waits forever for a window to appear (which never does...). 


I think I can adjust the script myself to account for this, I'll post a PR @vitor once I have it in case you want to incorporate the changes.

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