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Is it possible to NOT URI encode query?

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I made a workflow to access a web service that uses slash-delineated arguments.  The pattern is "http://server/service/argument".  I need to type the service and the argument, so the pattern is "http://server/{query}".  I enter the Alfred keyword followed by "service/argument".   The problem is that Alfred converts the slash to %2F instead of passing it through as a slash.


Is there a way to specify that I *don't* want the query URI-encoded in the Open URL action?  I turned off UTF-8 encoding, but that only disables the UTF-8 bit.





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Just figured out to use "Run Script" instead and then found gcoller's request for same feature from January (Checkbox to not escape the {query} portion of a Web Search).  Still would be nice to just uncheck "Encode URL" in the Open URL action.


Glad you were able to figure it out. Let me know if there is anything else i can assist you with.


Also, for now, show your support for this feature by posting in the linked forum thread.

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