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apply hotkey to snippet

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I'm not sure I quite understand your question (sorry if I'm being obtuse!). Do you mean:

  • you want to expand a particular snippet using a hot key rather than the snippet's abbreviation? If so, why?
  • something else? If so, what?

Again, apologies if I'm missing something obvious!



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@wellerpond Snippets in the Features > Snippets section are intended to be triggered with a keyword generally speaking.


If you'd like to paste text to the frontmost app by using a hotkey instead, you can create a tiny workflow containing:

You can then save this as a prefab, so that you can reuse it any time you want to paste a snippet from a hotkey, you have a template to work from.


As @Stephen_C said, if I've misunderstood your question, please don't hesitate to clarify and we'll help you further :)

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