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Add the last screenshot to my clipboard

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I'd like to find a way to automatically add to my clipboard my last screenshot, so I can simply paste it in any app I'm working with. 


I know I can use Cmd + Shift + 5 to bring up the Screenshot app and its settings > Options > Choose a location. 

But problem is that when I choose the clipboard here, I can't edit my screenshot (I often have to add arrows, circles, etc. to show things). 

So here I choose a specific folder /Users/username/Captures d'écran


Ideally I need a workflow which automatically adds to my Alfred clipboard every new file in this folder. 

Or a workflow triggered with a hotkey : find the last created (or last modified) file in this folder and add it to my Alfred clipboard.


Can you plead help me?

Thanks a lot

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Welcome @Delia,


After you take a screenshot, click the preview which shows up on the bottom right. You’ll be able to add arrows and whatever you want. When you’re finished, make sure you don’t have any specific object active and press ⌘C. Voilá, the image is in your clipboard. You can even press the trash bin on the top right to not save the image.

If you want to follow your original idea¹, you only need a couple of Automation Tasks: Files and Folders/Get Most Recently Added Path and macOS/Save Image to Clipboard.

¹ By the way, thank you for expressing your goal and not only a desired solution. You have avoided the XY problem.
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Hello @vitor,
Finally I realise I often forget to inactive my last object and press ⌘C. I think it would be more convenient for me to have all my images saved in "/Users/username/Captures d'écran" to be automatically saved into the clipboard.

I tried to use automation tasks but this is my first time and I'm not sure of what I'm doing! 
I attach what I've started to do but it's incomplete… can you please give some more details about what I need to configure?

Thanks for your help.

Capture d’écran 2022-10-07 à 09.49.14.png

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Hello Vitor, 

I have one more question: is there any way to avoid the trigger? 


Said differently: I'd like that the simple fact to have a new file added in my "screenshot" folder would be a trigger. So every new new image in this folder would automatically be saved into the clipboard.


Is that possible?


Thanks again for you help 🙏

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