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Can't search for settings in after updating to Ventura

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So I recently updated my Mac to the OS 13 Ventura and I have noticed my machine having some issues, and some of them with Alfred.

I usually use Alfred for navigating my mac, for example if I want to open Accessability in settings I do it right away from Alfred by just searching for it. However, right now it doesn't seem to work on my machine after updating to Ventura. Whenever I try to search for something in settings, there are no results found. It does seem to work fine in spotlight. I've checked my settings and default result folders and everything seem to be fine there. I'm guessing it's got something to do with the new system settings app in Mac OS? Is there any way I can solve this?



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11 hours ago, vitor said:

Welcome @Erre,


Use the workflow built by @Stephen_C:



That thread explains more.

So this is an expected behaviour and not an issue from my end? Alfred doesn't support searching for settings in Mac OS 13 natively any more?

I installed Stephen's workflow and it seem to be working fine. Thank you.

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56 minutes ago, Erre said:

So this is an expected behaviour and not an issue from my end?


It isn't an issue on your end; Some preferences don't appear to be searchable in Ventura at this point. It's not an unusual growing pain for a new macOS version, and Apple will hopefully resolve this in an upcoming update. In the meantime, the workflow is the best way to get access to the preferences. :)

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