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Oblique Strategies Workflow

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Long time listener, first time caller.


This is the first workflow I'm sharing. It is very similar the magic 8-ball workflow in the gallery, but instead prompts the user with Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.


The Oblique Strategies are prompts to inspire creativity by providing a suggestion or inspiring a new way of thinking.


I'm new to github and have followed the instructions on the alfred site. I hope i have done it correctly. I'd love any feedback before submitting to the gallery.


Use the keyword "obl" to be prompted with a new "card."


The "card" will be shown in large type.



https://github.com/sepulchra/oblique-strategies/blob/main/Oblique Strategies.alfredworkflow


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Glad to see you share a workflow!

Quick tip regarding releases: you’ve made a release on GitHub using the correct feature, but then have only the packaged workflow in the repo itself. Ideally you’d have the contents of the workflow’s folder in the repo, then the packaged workflow in the releases (when making a new new release, you have the option to upload a file).

If you’re just looking to share with the least amount of hassle, then don’t worry about the repo itself but do releases instead (attaching the workflow), as it will be simpler to make updates and for others to get them.

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1 hour ago, sepulchra said:

I'm just using SF Symbols as I'm not much of a photoshop guy. I'm a sound person for a living so I'm open to anything. If you like that icon I know we can make SF Symbols a different color, but i really open to ideas if you have a suggestion in mind!


In that case, you should take a look at @Floating.Point’s Icon Generator. There’s also icons.deanishe.net, which is an older resource which continues to work fine and has other icon sources.


1 hour ago, sepulchra said:

The workflow is based on this physical collection:  https://www.enoshop.co.uk/product/oblique-strategies.html


I’m familiar! I never held the physical cards but I remember learning about it, being intrigued by the concept (and the name!) and taking a look on Wikipedia. I think it was still back when I practiced graphic design.


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