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Get summary system info

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This workflow retrieves basic hardware and software details for Macs and offers the ability to copy the result to the clipboard.



Type the default keyword (which you can change) and choose whether you wish to see:

  • summary hardware and software details;
  • summary hardware details only; or
  • summary software details only.

This is a sample output of the workflow (having selected hardware and software):


GitHub download link



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I have released version 2.0. That fixes the inability to change the workflow keyword.


More significantly, because you sometimes need to post the resulting information on a public forum, or in a support email, version 2.0 introduces the ability to remove from the result the data in the following fields:

For hardware:

  • Serial Number (system)
  • Hardware UUID
  • Provisioning UDID

For software:

  • Computer Name
  • User Name

This is a sample output of the workflow (having selected hardware and software) using the option to remove that data:


Edit: I should have made clear earlier that this workflow has no dependencies although it uses one Automation Task (so you need Alfred 5 with Automation Tasks up-to-date) and also uses AppleScript.



Edited by Stephen_C
Clarification as to dependencies
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Version 2.1 is a purely cosmetic update: I have added colouring to workflow (yellow: both; green: hardware; blue: software) simply to clarify which parts relate to which option.


By way of a footnote (which I hope is not presumptuous) I always try to make the layout of my workflows helpful and instructive (although in that context there are others here far more qualified to produce sophisticated workflows than am I! 😀). Even though I always annotate my workflows I've not previously used colouring but it occurred to me (after the event!) that it might be useful in this case.


Obviously there's no need to update your version unless you want the pretty colours!



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